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Mod. Tangram
Ref. B/1

"Two complementary pleasures together are a unique pleasure"

  • Victor
  • Carles

Product History

The brief history of this specialized tool starts with self- assignment I set out to do to definitely avoid the embarrassing work involved in building a customized and often we were asked to complete the equipment outside in our architecture projects . That is why all its components were designed with materials properly treated to withstand the elements. Peculiarity proposed that the anchoring system down we go with one leg to permit rotation of the work platform on this vertical axis with a very simple maneuver and be able to adapt to changing wind like a weather vane , is involved with order to avoid the projection of the smoke on your face.

His formal lightness can liken to a table , which is in part rather than a barbecue and appearance may propose other utilities when clean . However, except for its foot welded to the anchoring base , they can be removed all the other components i store if it is not been used for a long period of time .


Technical Documentation

You can download the product sheet in pdf format and sketch in Autocad format.

Download datasheet
Descargar: DWG - Mod. TANGRAM.dwg
Descargar: DWG - Mod. TANGRAM paella.dwg
Descargar: PDF - Mod. TANGRAM.pdf
Descargar: PDF - Mod. TANGRAM paella.pdf

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